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CSC Digital On-Demand 2021

Sit back, relax, and get ready to watch the leading physicians & scientists from around the globe, discuss the most recent and cutting edge advancements in regenerative medicine! After watching all the CME lectures,   


Joe Cleaver, MD – Peptides 

Stefano Battista, MD – Cellular Therapies COVID-19

Mark Ghalili, MDRegenerative Therapies for Neuropathy

Ahmed Alqahtani, PhDRegenerative Medicine Updates: Growth Factors 

Bruce Bunnel PhD – ADSCs and their Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Hee Young Lee – New Isolation and Culturing Methods

Duncan Ross, PhD – Exosomes Exosome Characterization 

Elena Rusyn, MD PhDcGMP Autologous Cell Culture

Nathan Bryan, PhD – The Role of Nitric Oxide for Optimal Health 

Bill Johnson, MDSVF for COPD

Alan Bauman, MDRegenerative Medicine in Hair Restoration 

Joseph Raffaele, MD – Telomere Science

Tom Hecker, MD Stabilization, Stimulation, Active Recovery in Regenerative Medicineopedic 

Eray Copcu MD  – Mechanical Stromal-cell Applications

Jack Zamora, MD Stem Cell Aesthetics

Joy Kong, MDStem Cells as an Anti-Aging Tool

Greg Chernoff, MD – Exosomes in Reconstructive Surgery 

Chris Duma, MD –  Intracerebroventricular Injection of WNT-Activated ADSCs

Sunny Kim, MDRegenerative Approach to Failed Back Syndrome

Frank Shallenberg, MDOzone Therapy

Joe Purita, MD – Cells Not Doctors Heal Patients

Dan Olesnicky, MDPeripheral Neuropathy New Regenerative Options

Vassily Eliopolous, MDSVF in Lumbar Spine Disorders

Mark Berman, MD – Stem Cell Therapy for Lymphedema 

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