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CSC Digital On-Demand 2022

Sit back, relax, and get ready to watch the leading physicians & scientists from around the globe, discuss the most recent and cutting edge advancements in regenerative medicine! After watching all the CME lectures,   


Joe Cleaver, MDManaging Cell Senescence

Nathan Bryan, PhDNitric Oxide in Regenerative Medicine

Sabrina Solt MD  – Infusing Enhanced Outcomes

– Ahmed Al Qahtani, PhD New Horizons in Regenerative Medicine

Bruce Bunnell, PhDADSCs Biology and Therapeutic Applications

Lola Reid, PhDAn Exciting Future for Cell Therapies for Solid Organs

Greg Chernoff, MD – MSC Derived Exosomes in Reconstructive Surgery

Edward Park, MDExosome Science and Clinical Applications

Elena Rusyn, MD PhDAdvantages of ADSCs in cGMP Stem Cell Banking

Bill Andrews PhD – Telomere Shortening

Sean Berman, MSCellular Aging of Stem Cells Across Tissue Types

Alan Bauman, MDHair Photobiomodulation 

Jae Pak, MD – Experience of Over 2000 Cases of SVF Treatments 

Joe Purita, MDThe Nuts and Bolts of PRP and Stem Cells 

Eray Copcu, MD Supercharged Mechanical Stromal-Cell Transfer 

Dan Olesnicky, MDThe Porcupine Approach to Failed Back Syndrome

Zhu Hui, MD – Novel Strategies for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Sunny Kim, MD – Use of Novel Birth Tissue Matrix for Chronic MSK Conditions 

Matt Cook, MDHydrodissection in Regenerative Medicine 

Jae Pak, MDApplication of Allogeneic SVF on Hutchinson Gilford Progeria

Sheldon Jordan, MDResetting the Biological Clock of Aging

Celeste Brecht, JDStem Cell Regulatory

Joy Kong, MD PhdOverview of Current Clinical Evidence for Stem Cell Therapy

Alan Bauman, MDTake It or Leaf It: Plant Exosomes for Hair Loss

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